Council Minutes – Oct 27, 2016

Members Present:  Dave Michalak, Fred Loveland, Rob Woods, Tom Grace, Amanda Hollister, Jerry Loy, Joan Lubar, Jim Muccio, Suzanne Shepard, Howard Streby, Suzanne Hickok, Rob Woods, Dave Zeggert Paul Cartie, Richard Schleider and Jason Detrani.

Meeting called to order at 11:15 AM

Minutes for the September 27th and October 16th meetings passed unanimously. (Motion: D. Zeggert, Second: J. Muccio)

Committee Reports:

Organizing Committee:

  • Suzanne distributed a draft with the reps to confirm their office hours and office locations for accuracy. A suggestion was made for the reps to contact their faculty members and share that information directly with their constituents.
  • The committee will be planning some “pot luck” dinners for the faculty. The idea is to have each of the four FA standing committees sponsor a dinner event.

Officer Reports:

1.0            President’s Report:

  • The discrepancy between the pay rates for part-time librarians and counselors was discussed. It was agreed that the FA will recommend the inclusion of the part-time counselors into the contract at the same rate of pay.  This will be taken forward to the EVP/CAO.
  • The meeting with the department chairpersons is scheduled for next Tuesday to discuss the new assistant/associate dean positions. Copies of the new job descriptions were sent to Rep Council.  Chairperson and Staff Associate work infringement was discussed.

2.0             Vice President’s Report:

2.1     The issue of double overloads will also be discussed at the chairpersons meeting at 3:00 on Tuesday, November 1st.

2.2     Faculty loading issues related to international courses are being discussed with the administration.

Motion to adjourn made at 2:00 PM by Dave Zeggert seconded by Suzanne Shepard. Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,
David Michalak- For FA Secretary Joe Spence