SBFA Student Scholarship Fundraiser – Super Bowl

It is time for the annual Faculty Association Superbowl Fundraiser. This event is one of the largest fundraisers supporting the FA Scholarship that the FA awards annually to deserving students. We hope you will join us for some superbowl excitement! 

Squares are $20 each.  We will draw numbers on Friday afternoon and let everyone know their numbers for the game so you can have a team to root for this year! (Sorry Bills fans.) 

Everyone will get two digits, one per each team. If your team’s score in the ones digit matches the two digits you have at the end of each quarter, then you win! Example: If you have Rams 6 and Bengals 3 and after the first quarter the score is Rams 26 to the Bengals 13, then you win! 

Cash/Checks may be given to Joe Spence in Mailstop 65 or Jeff Hatala in Mailstop 63. Checks should be made out to the SUNY Broome Faculty Association. 

If you would like to make your contribution using Venmo please send it to @dmichalak32 with the tag: SBFA Football

Please let Jeff, Joe, or David know how many squares you want. 

Thank you for contributing to the SBFA Scholarship fund!–