Your SBFA Representatives

Representative Council

Rep Council consists of the Association Representatives elected from the tenure track and adjunct faculty, including classroom and non-classroom constituencies and Executive Council.

Association Representatives: 2019-2020

The Association Representatives listed below may be located and emailed directly via the SUNY Broome Community College directory. Please note that all FA Representatives will now hold an Office Hour per week (availability noted below) when their constituents can “walk in” and chat, make suggestions, get advice, etc. Members are of course welcome to approach any representative they choose, but in an attempt to make things a bit more manageable each Representative has been assigned a group of FA members.

Business and Public Services
Mark Ryan (Office: BB-134 , Available: TBA, Phone: 778-5132)

Full-Time Adjuncts
Christine Duffy-Webb (Office: TH-111A, Available: TBA, Phone: 778-5560)

Health Sciences
Rachael Hagerman (Office: DH-217E, Available: TBA, Phone: 778-5495)
Julianne Klepfer (Office: DH-126, Available: TBA, Phone: 778-5130)

Liberal Arts and General Education
Carla Michalak (Office: TH-211B, Available: TBA , Phone: 778-5378)
Mary Seel (Office: CAM-222, Available: TBA , Phone: 778-5480)
Tim Skinner (Office: TH-103B, Available: TBA, Phone: 778-5101)

Non-Classroom Professionals
Scott Kavulich – 12 Month (Office: BB-010A, Available: TBA, Phone: 778-5414)
David M. Michalak – 12 Month (Office: SS-210, Available: TBA, Phone: 778-5421)
Melissa Martin – 12 Month (Office: , Available: TBA, Phone: 778-5210)
Joe Spence – 10 Month (Office: , Available: TBA, Phone: 778-)

Part-Time Adjuncts (Classroom & Non-Classroom)

Ed Evans (Office: TH-109D , Available: TBA, Phone: 607-778-5274)

Criminal Justice & Emergency Services:
Joseph Julian (Office:BB-230, Available: TBA, Phone: 778-5620/5008)

English & Writing Center:
Lisa Antalek (Office:TH-202, Available: TBA, Phone: 778-5272/5087)

English & Performing Arts:
Carol Silverberg (Office:TH-202, Available: TBA, Phone: 778-5087/5094)

Health Information Technology:
Dawn Graney (Office: , Available: TBA , Phone: 778-5452)

History, Philosophy & Social Science:
Suzanne Hickok (Office: TH-202, Available: , Phone: 778-5272)

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
Paul Cartie (Office: AT-017H, Available: TBA, Phone: 778-5262)
Jason Smith (Office: NS-211, Available: TBA, Phone: 778-5116)
Bill Hollister (Office:  , Available: TBA, Phone: 778-5596)

Executive Council

The Executive Council includes the current officers and the past President and past Vice-President.

SBFA Officers: 2019-2021

Suzanne Shepard – President (TH-111B, Phone: 778-5080)
Tera Doty-Blance – Vice President (W-212, Phone: 778-5659)
Kennie Leet – Treasurer (Office: NSC-207F, Phone: 778-5413)
Denise Abrams – Secretary (Office: DH-217C, Phone: 778-5359)

Past Officers

Howard Streby – Past-President (Office: BB-123F, Phone: 778-5250)
Fred Loveland – Past-Vice President (Office: TH-111D, Phone: 778-5473)