Negotiations Resource Committee

Interests-PositionsThe Negotiations Resource Committee (NRC) is comprised of SUNY Broome Faculty Association (FA) members representing all academic divisions, 10- and 12-month professionals both classroom and non-classroom, and the regular full-time and adjunct faculty.

The FA Rep Council assembled this group with the intent to:

  • generate more input from the membership regarding the upcoming contract negotiations;
  • foster more transparency between the FA representation and the membership during upcoming negotiations;
  • collect/analyze financial data to support salary negotiations; and
  • collect/prioritize the membership’s desires as they relate to FA terms for negotiation.

The members of the NRC are open to input from FA members. A combination of surveys, open forums, and other data collection methods will be forthcoming from the NRC. However, until a more formal drive to collect information is undertaken, the FA members are welcome to contact any of the committee members listed below.

NRC members may also be located and emailed directly via the SUNY Broome Community College directory. Also, don’t forget that your elected representatives from your respective divisions are always another way to bring your interests to the forefront. Outstanding issues are broached routinely during regular Rep Council meetings.

NRC Chair – Julie Cooley – STEM, 10-Month Classroom

NRC Membership (2021)