2018 Negotiations

photo_8171_20081204As negotiations get underway here in the Spring of 2018, please be assured that the Negotiation Team has your best interests in mind. The Rep Council has assembled a Negotiations Resource Committee (NRC) to collect and prioritize members’ greatest concerns. These concerns have been shared with the Negotiations Team, and the team will continue to communicate with the NRC throughout the negotiations process. Click here for NRC member contact information. See below for contact information for members of the actual Negotiations Team.

Below you will also find a Negotiations Summary Report and negotiation documents. Please be aware that these documents are being shared in the interest of unity and transparency with the FA membership. Also, the terms set forth in these current documents are by no means final.

Negotiations Summary Reports:

Negotiation Documents:

During this process, FA members should feel free to share their thoughts/concerns with members of either group (NRC or the Negotiations Team) as negotiations proceed.

Negotiation Team Members:

  • Mike Lynch, Lead Negotiator for the SUNY Broome Faculty Association
  • David J. Michalak, FA President (Office: LI, Phone: 778-5236)
  • Fred Loveland, FA Vice President (Office: TH-111D, Phone: 778-5473)
  • Tera Doty-Blance, FA Secretary (Office: TH-210B, Phone: 778-5354)
  • Kennie Leet, Budget Committee Chair (Office: NSC-207F, Phone: 778-5413)
  • Howard Streby, Rep Council Member (Office:BB-123F, Phone: 778-5250)