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The union faces a number of challenges as it moves forward. In an attempt to foster a larger and stronger Faculty Association, we are striving to bolster unity through a new Organizing Model where the union’s members are joined by a shared sense of purpose. This new model should maximize member-to-member contact and support and better communication within the membership. We’ve put together a Constituent Care List that will be routinely updated on the Council Members page in the About Us section of this site.

To spearhead this effort, the first Organizing Committee Meeting was held in September 2015. An introduction to the Organizing Model can be found below. Organizing Committee Meeting minutes are also listed below and will be posted regularly on this site’s blog and homepage.

In an effort to articulate the collective goal of the Faculty Association, the Organizing Committee has generated a Vision Statement for the organization. The statement reads as follows:

The SUNY Broome Faculty Association is….

  • first and foremost, a strong alliance of professionals who advocate with a unified voice for their common purposes, interests, and rights
  • a fully engaged and empowered membership that communicates diligently
  • dedicated to supporting faculty and representing with integrity, vigilance, advocacy, respect, accountability, fairness, and effectiveness
  • a champion for professional development in support of educational
    excellence and for fostering student success
  • an active representative in shared governance, contributing meaningfully to the collective development and success of SUNY Broome Community College as an academic institution

Fall 2015 Meeting Organizing Model Slideshow

Organizing Committee Minutes: