Council Minutes – Nov 14, 2013

Members Present: Dave Michalak, Fred Loveland, Julianne Klepfer, Mike Kuryla, Jim Muccio, Tim Skinner, Rob Woods, Bill Hollister, Suzanne Shepard, David Zeggert, Nathan Walz, Meghan McGuiness, Jason Detrani, and Joe Spence

Meeting called to order at 3:05 PM

President’s Report:

  1. Minutes passed with 1 abstention (Spence). Thanks to Suzanne Shepard for covering last month.
  2. An MOU has been agreed to regarding search committee composition. As a result, the President’s Appointee must be an FA member, and the HR/Affirmative Action person is Ex-Officio. However, administration has not yet signed the MOU.
  3. There is an MOU pending regarding the definitions of independent and guided study and their parameters. This is currently being held up by the Associate Vice President on the Labor-Management Committee.
  4. Labor-Management Committee has agreed in principle to a compromise language regarding loading of full time adjuncts. Notice was served that any load change deemed by FA to be arbitrary and/or capricious will be grieved.
  5. Health Insurance Opt Outs: Jim Muccio would like to know and inform members regarding any cost savings to employees. Tabled pending further research.
  6. Non-Classroom Faculty Increments: This MOU is agreed upon and complete, but HR seems to be delaying final action.
  7. Labor-Management commissioned a survey of adjunct faculty regarding health care needs relative to Affordable Care Act. Dave and Fred reiterated that there are to be NO CHANGES to anyone’s load for the Spring and Fall semesters of 2014 relative to their load from same semesters of 2013. Any changes in load should result after schedules are (possibly) impacted due to enrollment fluctuations only.
  8. Curtailment has been announced as beginning Friday 12/20. December 23rd and 24th are include in the curtailment. Dave will express the thanks for the Faculty Association to Dr. Drumm.
  9. Dave wants members aware of the NYSUT member benefits website- Joe will share this information with the membership.

Vice President’s Report:

  1. There are currently no grievances.
  2. Labor Management will meet next Thursday
    • Full Time Adjunct discussion pending
    • Will check on MOUs mentioned above

Treasurer’s Report:

  1. Julie reported that FA bylaws need to be developed with regard to what expenses are reimbursable and at what rates. She will form a committee to review best practices from NYSUT. Rob Woods and Nate Walz volunteered to form an ad-hoc committee to adopt a temporary policy while this is researched.
  2. Julie reported that information needs to be distributed to Agency Fee payers informing them that they are now eligible to receive reimbursements for AFT funds and a percentage of local dues. There needs to be established a 30 day period in which fee payers can petition for the refund and receive the funds, estimated to be about $110 for the year.


  • Bill Hollister introduced a discussion of the role of shared governance in committees over which shared governance has no insight.
  • Dave is seeking a Rep Council member to attend the NYSUT convention in NYC in April. Jason DeTrani volunteered and was unanimously approved.

The next Rep Council meeting is December 14th at 3:00 in room to be announced.

Motion to adjourn made at 4:10 PM by M. McGuiness, seconded by T. Skinner. Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

Joe Spence
FA Secretary