Council Minutes – Dec 12, 2013

Members Present: Dave Michalak, Fred Loveland, Julianne Klepfer, Mike Kuryla, Jim Muccio, Tim Skinner, Rob Woods, Bill Hollister, Suzanne Shepard, David Zeggert, Nathan Walz, Meghan McGuiness, Jason Detrani, and Joe Spence

Meeting called to order at 3:06 PM

Minutes: Suzanne proposed a change to the minutes reflecting the tone of the meeting. Official minutes of November meeting to read, “Bill Hollister introduced a discussion of the role of Shared Governance in committees over which shared governance has no oversight.” Motion approved and unanimously passed.

President’s Report:

  1. Dave and Fred have signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding Article 19 of the contract clarifying the September 1 start date for new faculty that will clarify the payroll process and assure no one will be docked pay for starting work on September 1.
  2. Professional increment MOU is same status as last meeting; signed and awaiting action from administration.
  3. There is an MOU pending regarding the definitions of independent and guided study and their parameters. This is currently being held up by administration. Discussion ensued regarding current practices regarding the determination of guided and independent study as well as the practices regarding cancellation of sections and of independent and guided study. Fred and Dave hope to address this at Labor Management in December.
  4. Dave met with Dr. Drumm on December 11, 2013. At this meeting both agreed that for the purposes of faculty search committees, the Affirmative Action officer is ex-officio and is not the President’s designee.
  5. Dr. Henry Bartlett, Meghan McGuiness, Jim Muccio, and Tim Skinner have volunteered to assist Howard Streby with the Negotiations Resource Committee.
  6. Bill Hollister has been asked and agreed to develop an FA website.
  7. Dave is looking into developing hardcopy of the Promotion and Appointment guidelines.

Vice President’s Report:

  1. Fred indicated that there are currently no active grievances. However, he did urge rep council members and all faculty members to bring immediately to either his attention or Dave Michalak’s any potential or seeming violations of the contract or terms and conditions of employment. He stated that he and Dave too often find out after the fact that administrators have taken advantage of the contract.
  2. Fred is re-writing and revising the Guided Study and Independent Study language. Independent Study should be a “299”-level, or advanced study course. Guided study should be the term for an existing course

Treasurer’s Report:

  1. Julie reports that she and Dave will soon need to open negotiations with Excellus on a new dental contract/plan. Meeting is set for January 7th.
  2. Julie and Joe are updating the FA roster. All rep council members are encouraged to recruit fee payers to the FA. Julie reported that information needs to be distributed to Agency Fee payers informing them that they are now eligible to receive reimbursements for AFT funds and a percentage of local dues. There needs to be established a 30 day period in which fee payers can petition for the refund and receive the funds, estimated to be about $110 for the year. This packet is being developed.
  3. The by-law committee to determine reimbursement of expenditures and what expenses are eligible will convene in January. Julie, Nate Walz, and Rob Woods to serve on this committee.


Motion to adjourn made at 4:07 PM by H. Streby, seconded by J. Muccio. Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

Joe Spence
FA Secretary