Council Minutes – Mar 20, 2014

Members Present:  Dave Michalak, Fred Loveland, Mike Kuryla, Jim Muccio, Maruja Lander, Tim Skinner, Howard Streby, Michael Kuryla, Rob Woods, Bill Hollister, Jason Detrani, David Zeggert, Nathan Walz, Meghan McGhiness, Jason Detrani and Joe Spence

Meeting called to order at 3:03 PM

February Minutes passed unanimously. (Motion: S. Shepard. Second: H. Streby)

President’s Report:

  1. David and Bill Hollister discussed items to be included on the FA website ( Joe has or will send Bill final/adopted minutes from previous semester, the FA Constitution and Bylaws, and list of constituencies. A motion was made to give the approval of Rep Council to launch the website by F. Loveland, seconded by M. McGuinness, and approved unanimously.
  2. Fred, Dave, and Joe have met with Mike Lynch and the Adjunct Council to explain the adjunct faculty options for Fall/2014 membership.
  3. Labor-Management Committee (Dave, Fred, Joe for the FA) has arrived at a solution for conversion of credit hours to clock hours relative to the Affordable Care Act. It goes to the Board of Trustees tonight (3/20/14). It’s interesting to note that the recent guidelines handed down by the I.R.S. regarding this conversion rate mirror those proposed by the Faculty Association.
  4. The FA wants members to be aware of some potential issues regarding health insurance and related expenses:
    1.  The $400 amount out of pocket expense per individual, post-deductible, remains in effect but is not listed in the most recent RMSCO information booklet. This expense limit in fact, does remain in effect.
    2. Users of Express Scripts need to know: Express Scripts now provides and maintains a list of drugs that they will not cover, but will provide alternatives instead. Any members with concerns should consult their care provider, as there is a form doctors can fill out in an effort to maintain on one product and avoid the alternative. The substitution list and form are available on the Express Scripts website.(
  5. P&A committee update: There is an error on the current lineup, wherein the Chair and P&A committee letters are due on the same day, as is the candidate’s rebuttal. This is being addressed. The committee is also working to clarify classroom vs. non-classroom guidelines to differentiate between the two processes..
  6. Negotiations Resource Committee met on March 20th. Howard Streby is chairing this committee. Joe Spence will be the Executive Council liaison.
  7. Faculty Association telephone extension remains (607)778-5659, and the official office remains B-007.
  8. Dave reminded the Rep Council that Dr. Drumm has provided samples of letters to be sent to Senator Libous, Assemblywoman Lupardo, and Assemblyman Crouch asking them to support an increase in state aid to Community Colleges.

VicePresident’s Report:

  1. There are currently no grievances- yet- but potential for several.
  2. PLEASE make note that it seems violations of the contract are occurring.
    Remind constituents to report any issue or problem regarding contract violations directly to Fred or Dave, ASAP. In particular a Taylor Law violation was reported and resolved in favor of the faculty member with assisted intervention from our NYSUT representative.
  3. Labor Management Committee is addressing issues related to appeals of termination rights for part-time adjuncts.

Treasurer’s Report (For Julie Klepfer)

  1. Dave introduced the dental provision for the Domestic Partner Coverage.
    Discussions with Human Resources will follow.
  2. Suzanne Shepard made a motion to support the Domestic Partner policy, seconded by Howard Streby. Motion passed. (Unanimous).


  • There are currently 8,410.5 days in the sick bank.
  • Jason Detrani will be attending NYSUT Rep Assembly in Manhattan in April. He will report back to Rep Council.

The next Rep Council meeting is April 24th at 3:00 in B-208.

Motion to adjourn made at 4:07 PM by F. Loveland, seconded by H. Streby. Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,
Joseph S. Spence
FA Secretary