Council Minutes – Apr 24, 2014

Members Present:  Dave Michalak, Fred Loveland, Michael Kuryla, Jim Muccio, Maruja Lander, Tim Skinner, Howard Streby, Bill Hollister, Jason Detrani, David Zeggert, Nathan Walz, Meghan McGhiness, Jason Detrani and Joe Spence

Members Absent: Julieann Klepfer and Rob Woods

Meeting called to order at 3:06 PM

President’s Report:

  1. April Minutes passed with one abtention (N.Walz). (Motion: J. Detrani. Second: T. Skinner)
  2. David introduced discussion of attendance policy.  As per Article 38 of the contract, faculty are required to submit attendance reports as requested. Discussion ensued regarding students who are dropped for non-attendance and their status, including re-instatement of students who have been dropped. While the withdrawal of students for non-attendance is determined by the student themselves and their decision whether or not to go to class, and the actual withdrawal is an administrative function of the College, professors are often placed in the position of being “blamed” for dropping students, or given the option to re-instate a student, which is a source of tension and confusion. For online students, professors have reported that once the student is dropped, they are removed from the online Gradebook so all work is lost. A committee to review this issue was formed, with Bill Hollister to chair. Other members of this ad-hoc group are: Suzanne Shepard, Michael Kuryla, and David Zeggert.
  3. Four FA members have applied for, and received, sabbaticals during some portion of the 2014-15 academic year. They are: Bill Altman, Don Dunham, Tuong Nguyen, and Joe Spence. Congratulations good luck to all.
  4. Negotiations Resource Committee, chaired by Howard Streby, is in need of members, especially from the Adjunct Council. Members are encouraged to contact Howard to discuss.
  5. Apparently there are rumors regarding a faculty dress code being floated. The FA would like to remind all members that any such issue regarding faculty requirements are mandatory subjects for negotiation. The FA currently has no interest in discussing a dress code at all for its members.
  6. Jason Detrani attended the NYSUT Rep Assembly in Manhattan in April and provided a report on his participation. He indicated an interest in attending future NYSUT meetings.

VicePresident’s Report:

  1. Fred discussed the College’s use of security and surveillance cameras on campus. FA and administration are discussing this issue jointly in Labor Management meetings. The FA position is that such resources are extant for safety and security purposes only, and are not to be used to track, harass, or monitor FA members.
  2. Again, there are currently no grievances in process, but there are many potential or possible issues that could result in the filing of grievances. As one example, a recent issue regarding an adjunct faculty member was favorably resolved.
  3. Fred stressed the importance of faculty protecting themselves by not attending any meeting with a chair or administrator for which they are not made aware of the purpose, scope, or subject. Members should be made fully aware of the point of ANY meeting they attend. If the member is not informed, or is uncomfortable with the content of the meeting, they should first seek representation or input from Fred or Dave. Members always have the right to union representation, and many members have been subject to behavior or actions that are violations of their contractual rights (see 1 and 2 above).
  4. NYSUT has identified the SUNY Broome FA as a model chapter, and as such has invited a delegation of FA leadership to assist them with a “Best Practices” leadership training of other locals. Dave, Fred, and Meghan McGuiness will represent FA.
  5. Dave, Fred, and Mike Lynch from NYSUT have been and will continue to be meeting with adjunct council to discuss the integration of adjuncts into dues-paying members of NYSUT and BCCFA. The next meeting is on a Saturday morning.
  6. Labor Management update:
    1. Still addressing Independent Study issue
    2. Fast Forward compensation for assessment is still under discussion.
    3. The staffing and compensation of any activity at the proposed Educational Opportunity Center.
    4. Surveillance and security camera issues are under discussion with an MOU anticipated.

Treasurer’s Report ( Made by Dave in the absence of Julie Klepfer)

  1. The audit prep process is being completed. It is anticipated that Professors Kuzma, Pitera, and Petrolawicz will serve on the audit committee. Thanks to them for their support and sharing their expertise. As part of the NYSUT audit process, Julie has obtained copies of all checks issued in the past 18 months.
  2. The March Madness Fundraiser raised approximately $300 for the Patrick O’Neil Scholarship Fund. Nate Walz reports that all winners have been paid. The recipient of a $750 Patrick O’Neil Scholarship is Shaina Lewis.



The next Rep Council meeting is May 8th at 3:00 in B-208.

Motion to adjourn made at 4:14 PM by M. McGuinness, seconded by N. Walz. Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,
Joseph S. Spence
FA Secretary