Council Minutes – Sept 14, 2014

Members Present:  Dave Michalak, Fred Loveland, Michael Kuryla, Jim Muccio, John Urrea, Tim Skinner, Howard Streby, Bill Hollister, Katie Bucci, David Zeggert, Meghan McGuinness, and Joe Spence

Members Abesent: David Michalak and Jason Detrani

Meeting called to order at 3:04 PM

May minutes passed. (Motion: H. Streby. Second: D. Zeggert)

President’s Report: None given – see below.

Vice President’s Report:

  1. In Dave’s absence, Fred made the report. The Transfer MOU is pending, Dave and Fred have presented administration with a proposal to compensate chairs for Fast Forward observation, which is also awaiting administrative response.
  2. Again, there are currently no grievances in process, but there are many potential or possible issues that could result in the filing of grievances. As one example, a recent issue regarding an adjunct faculty member was favorably resolved.

Treasurer’s Report: Audit Committee needs to be established.


There was extensive discussion regarding the upcoming negotiations.  Fred asked members to canvass their constituencies about what members really want and what needs to be addressed contractually.

  • Katie Bucci mentioned the need to address Fast Forward compensation.
  • Several members addressed need to identify class size issues.
  • Bill Hollister requested that the Negotiation Team address the concept of “other duties as assigned” with regard to tasks in certain departments, such as faculty performing secretarial duties.
  • Fred stressed the need to think about this strategically.


Motion to adjourn made at 4:04 PM by D. Zeggert, seconded by B. Hollister. Unanimous.


Respectfully submitted,
Joseph S. Spence
FA Secretary