NRC Meeting – Oct 15, 2014

Negotiations Resource Committee Meeting:

  1. Acknowledge visitors and allow them to voice their contractual suggestions/concerns
  2. What data needs to be collected from Administration (Joe Spence)
    • Joe will be getting detailed information from NYSUT as to what to ask for.  Typically we ask for budget information, health insurance information, fund balance information, budget transfers, raises and salaries among other things.
  3. Develop means by which we can get information from membership
    1. Once Dave announces to the FA that we want input then we can discuss drop in times, email campaigns, group forums and possibly a survey.
    2. We need the membership to understand we are here to help and to listen, to be transparent in all that we do.
  4. What do we want to put on the website
    • Bill Hollister will update website
  5. Ideas/Items to ask for in contract
    1. Eyeglass coverage in health insurance; Dental premiums as payroll deduction (same as Guild and ESPA now have); On-line class quotas; All classes run with minimum of X numbers.
    2. Other items: Gym memberships covered as preventative medicine; Disability insurance in benefits; 10 month employees personal days not from sick bank; Excess of sick days used for personal days; Stipend for Club advisors; President of FA Union gets X # of days pay for conferences and union meetings; Up to 5 extra bereavement days using sick days.
  6. Other
  7. Adjournment

Next meeting: Wednesday, October 29 @ 3 pm in B111