Council Minutes – Oct 28, 2014

Members Present: Dave Michalak, Fred Loveland, Mike Kuryla, Jim Muccio, John Urrea, Tim Skinner, Michael Kuryla, Rob Woods, Bill Hollister, Jason Detrani, David Zeggert, Meghan McGuinness, Ellen Brand for Suzanne Shepard and Joe Spencer

Absent: Howard Streby, Katie Bucci, Jason Detrani

Meeting called to order at 3:05 PM

President’s Report:

  1. February Minutes passed pending corrections (since made). (Motion: J. Urrea. Second: T. Skinner)
  2. Secretary Spence conducted a CPE election. Members are: Deb Hibbard (Non-Classroom), Don Dunham (Liberal Arts) and new members to a two year term: Jason Smith (STEM), Meghan McGuinness (Health Sciences) and Gian Roma (Business & Professional Services).
  3. Dave reminded all members to help recruit adjuncts in their areas.
  4. Secretary Spence provided an update on Negotiations Resource Committee progress. Howard Streby and Bill Hollister will be placing minutes and meeting information on the FA website.
  5. The FA wants members to be aware of some potential issues regarding contract violations:
    1. In some areas, non-classroom faculty are being asked to learn and/or perform duties outside of their job description. Such violations should be reported to Fred.
    2. There was discussion of peer evaluations of online courses and how this fits in the contract. Dave appointed Fred to study this. Dave Zeggert volunteered to assist. Bill Hollister suggested Jennifer Musa and Dave Michalak will ask Sandy Wright to join this committee.
  6. A Rep Council member from STEM is needed. John Urrea and Bill Hollister will work with David to identify someone to appoint to complete the term of Rob Woods.
  7. President Michalak requested funding to attend a NYSUT conference in November. This was approved unanimously. D. Zeggert made the motion, M.McGuinness seconded.
  8. Faculty Association telephone extension remains (607)778-5659, and the official office remains B-007.

Vice President’s Report:

  1. Four contractual issues regarding adjuncts being mistreated have been reported.
  2. President Drumm indicates he agrees with FA regarding Work For Hire that faculty members own the materials they develop.
  3. Ad placed for a Nursing position clearly was in violation of the contract with regard to working after 5:00 and on weekends.
  4. FA leadership has addressed issues regarding due process for removal of faculty from their courses.
  5. Liberal Arts issues regarding interaction between staff and chairs is nearing resolution.

Treasurer’s Report: Dental is complete for 2014. All but one account in areas have been resolved.

NEW BUSINESS: There are currently 8,470 days in the sick bank.

The next Rep Council meeting is November 25th at 3:00 in B-208.

Motion to adjourn made at 4:15 PM by M. Kuryla, seconded byJ. Muccio. Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,
Joseph S. Spence
FA Secretary