NRC Meeting – Nov 12, 2014

Negotiations Resource Committee Meeting:

  1. Acknowledge visitors and allow them to voice their contractual suggestions/concerns
  2. Prioritize information from Administration – What do we have so far, what do we still need to collect?
  3. Sub-Groups to dissect information and make presentable
  4. Show trends in graphs, charts, spreadsheets
    • Other information to gather and prioritize: County units, Other community colleges, local high schools
  5. Communication with membership
    1. Start talking to your constituents via email, phone, and office visits. If you want neutral office contact Dave to schedule FA Presidents office.
    2. Develop Google Doc to keep running update of ideas, information from membership
  6.  Website
    1. Faculty Association Website:
    2. – Negotiations Committee section of website
    3. Bill Hollister will update website
  7. Ideas/Items to ask for in contract – Add to Google Doc
    1. Eyeglass coverage in health insurance; Dental premiums as payroll deduction (same as Guild and ESPA now have); On-line class quotas; All classes run with minimum of X numbers, Load, Credit for contact hours in large classes.
    2. Other items: Gym memberships covered as preventative medicine; Disability insurance in benefits; 10 month employees personal days not from sick bank; Excess of sick days used for personal days; Stipend for Club advisors; President of FA Union gets X # of days pay for conferences and union meetings; Up to 5 extra bereavement days using sick days, day before Thanksgiving as holiday comp (same as Guild and ESPA have); Class size; Release time to train new faculty; Evening/weekend programs expanding in size but no compensation; Pay for sick time not used
  8. How to package information for Negotiations Team
  9. Other
  10. Adjournment

Next meeting: Wednesday, November 12 @ 3 pm in B111