FA Membership Ideas

The Negotiations Resource Committee (NRC) has collected a great many ideas/concerns from FA membership in preparation for upcoming negotiations. Below are a categorized list of some of the ideas that have been shared. The NRC and the Negotiation Team thank you all for your input. These along with a hard look at budget analyses and salary data will greatly assist the team as a final proposal is generated.

Please, be aware that this list is NOT a final list, nor does it constitute a final proposal of negotiation terms. All of these issues may not go forward since the final proposal has not yet been completed.

Health Insurance

  • Eyeglass coverage
  • Hearing aid coverage
  • Gym memberships covered as preventive

Other Insurance

  • Dental premiums as payroll deduction (same as ESPA and Guild now have)
  • Disability insurance

Classroom Size/Load

  • Online class quotas
  • All classes run with minimum # of students
  • Load/Class sizes
  • Credit for contact hours in large classes
  • Evening/weekend programs expanding in size but no compensation
  • Personal budgets for book or other materials for use in classes or research

Sick/Personal/Vacation/Bereavement Days

  • 10-month employees personal days not from sick bank
  • Excess of sick days used for personal days
  • Get 5 extra days from sick days
  • Day before Thanksgiving as holiday comp (same as ESPA and Guild now have)
  • Pay for sick time not used
    • Adjuncts loose sick time going from full to part-time
    • Unused sick time given at retirement

Stipends/Extra Pay/Release Time/Flex Time

  • Stipends for club advisors
  • Longevity added to base pay
  • President of FA Union gets X number of days pay for conferences and union meetings
  • Non-instructional professional development increment not flat number but percentage like teaching faculty get for promotions, somewhere in the 7-10% range
  • Release time to train new faculty
  • Further professional advancement levels after achievement of full professorship (or comparable rank)
  • More $ for travel to conferences or research
  • A “correction” within the salary structure vis-a-vis the salary adjustment made in the last contract. The last contract addressed entry pay and promotion increases providing a rightful boost for junior faculty/staff. However, there are more senior faculty who are or will be earning a lower base pay than junior faculty in their departments, particularly as junior faculty enjoy 10% promotion increases.
    Possible ideas received from faculty/staff regarding this issue have included:

    • A step system for salary increases?
    • A flat rate salary increase?
      • Rationale: Percentage raises seem to further separate junior and much more senior member.
      • Problem: It seems this would further disparage senior faculty, as some junior faculty would benefit from an effective higher percentage increase than the most senior members
  • Faculty point out colleagues off campus with less education and less experience are making at least double their current pay in industry
  • Objection to agency fee payment – From “long-time” part-time adjunct
  • General consensus on salary percentage increase… should exceed 3% every year
  • Cost of living increases at a minimum

Work Environment

  • Private offices for senior faculty
  • Assign office space for all adjuncts upon hire