Council Minutes – Feb 26, 2015

Members Present:  Dave Michalak, Fred Loveland, Rob Woods, Tim Skinner, Suzanne Shepard, David Zeggert, Jim Muccio, Meghan McGuinness, Michael Kuryla, Howard Streby, Bill Hollister and Joe Spence

Meeting called to order at 3:10 PM on March 26, 2015

Minutes: December minutes passed. Motion by F. Loveland, Seconded by J. Muccio. Unanimous.

President’s Report:

  1. FA Executive Committee still working on the Distance Learning MOU. There is a clause regarding “training” for faculty who have already in many cases been trained. Discussion followed:
    M. McGuinness and S. Shepard suggested that the subcommittee consult with the MID’s for ideas on this. Consensus of Rep Council was to safeguard the training process and opportunities for faculty development by including the MID’s in the process.
  2. Rep Council Ad-Hoc sub-committee for Peer Evaluation forms has researched online teaching peer evaluations. A form has been developed for faculty to use when evaluating online instruction. Rep Council reviewed the form and made some very minor modifications as follows:
    • Item 3 (b) was changed to read, “directions for online modules/components are clearly articulated”
    • Item 4 was changed to read “Course content is rationally/reasonably distributed.”
    • Motion to accept with changes was made by J. Muccio and seconded by D. Zeggert. Vote was unanimous.
    • Rep Council and President Michalak expressed their thanks to Jane Hlopko, Carla Michalak, Sandy Wright, Dave Zeggert, and Fred Loveland for their service to this committee.
  3. President Michalak informed Rep Council and all faculty that Title IX training is required of all full time faculty members. Part time employees and adjuncts are NOT required to participate without compensation.
  4. President Michalak announced that there are 11 FA members going through the CPE promotion process. The website has information regarding the process and is very helpful. The promotion process handbook is awaiting the final graphics. A draft of the handbook will be available for the March meeting.
  5. President Michalak congratulated adjunct FA members Shelly Purtell and Linda Carroll on receiving Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence.
  6. Changes to TIAA-CREF optional retirement plans have recently been announced. Members with any questions are invited to call Alicia Brady, our TIAA-CREF rep at (607)274-6450 with any questions.
  7. FA discussed Governor Andrew Cuomo’s disparaging remarks about community colleges and whether or not FA should respond to the Governor in writing. It was decided after discussion to wait and see what NYSUT does, and to certainly remind members that they are more than welcome to respond of their own volition.
  8. President Michalak announced the next Rep Council meetings will take place on: March 26, April 23, and May 14, all at 11:00 in W-203-B.

Vice President’s Report: (For Fred Loveland by Dave Michalak)

  1. Four MOU’s are still College administration and awaiting action on their end. Still. In many cases, for several months. Anything not resolved will be reviewed by Dave, Fred, and NYSUT rep Mike Lynch for inclusion in negotiations.
  2. Executive Council is working to resolve several issues related to the interpretation of the Early Retirement clause in the contract. Apparently HR has some confusion over the definition of “Nine months”.
  3. Adjunct faculty were once again given temporary cardstock hang tags, despite resolution with administration in the Fall semester that adjunct faculty would get actual faculty hang tags.
  4. Negotiating team is finalizing details of the final proposal. The Negotiations Resource Committee has been a tremendous help. Special thanks to Howard Streby and Bill Hollister for all they’ve done to help. We should be ready to sit at the bargaining table in 3 weeks. As a reminder the negotiating team is chaired by NYSUT Rep Mike Lynch, along with Suzanne Shepard, Joe Spence, Fred Loveland, and Nate Walz.
  5. Members are reminded that many contractual violations occur on a regular basis. If any FA member is summoned to a meeting with no knowledge of the subject, or in a meeting that takes a turn toward personnel or performance issues, they have the right to stop and ask for union representation.
  6. Vice President Loveland stressed that Executive Council of the Faculty Association has been diligent about getting materials and MOU’s to the administration in a timely manner, only to find the material ignored by the administrative team. This disrespect is not a good thing.

Treasurer’s Report

  1. No one has volunteered for the audit committee. Mike Kuryla to canvass members of the Buiness Division, but any member from any division may participate.
  2. Treasurer Woods reports that he met with a representative from Excellus Blue Cross/Blue Shield recently with regard to dental insurance. The net result is that their proposed increase in premiums of over 12 % was thwarted and some options have emerged that will drive down the cost for most of our members a little bit. This option will include a 2 person family option which will provide cost savings to the Faculty Association. A tremendous thank you to Rob Woods for his work on this effort.

Secretary’s Report

  1. Secretary Spence reports that there are approximately 40 adjunct members new to the FA. All members are asked to encourage adjuncts in their areas to join.
  2. Congratulations to Jason Detrani and Tim Skinner for being elected to represent the SUNY Broome Faculty Association at the NYSUT Representative Assembly this summer in Buffalo.

Motion to adjourn made at 4:10 PM by H. Streby, seconded by M. Kuryla. Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,
Joseph S. Spence
FA Secretary