Council Minutes – Oct 27, 2015

Members Present:  Dave Michalak, Fred Loveland, Dan Brennan, Jason Detrani, Judi Dzuba, Bill Hollister, Brian Loy, Joan Lubar, Jim Muccio, John Pierog, Suzanne Shepard, Tim Skinner, Jason Smith, Howard Streby, Anne Uncapher (Proxy for Meghan McGuiness), David Zeggert, and Joe Spence

Meeting called to order at 3:05 PM

President’s Report:

  1. Minutes passed unanimously. (Motion: Loy. Second: Muccio)
  2. Scheduling Rep Council meetings remains difficult. It was decided to use the Tuesday at 11:00 time for November and December. Dave will gladly meet with Rep Councilors who are unable to attend, and also encourages them to send a proxy.
  3. Dave indicated more items would be included under other reports including individual reports from the members of Rep Council.
  4. Giving the report for Treasurer Woods, Dave indicated that open enrollment is at hand and the dental program offered by the college will be reviewed.   Anyone not getting a satisfactory answer on any open enrollment/insurance issues from HR is asked to contact Dave or Fred.
  5. The application for employment process at the College has changed to an on-line only process. It is now subcontracted to a company called Interview Exchange. FA is concerned that the format of some of the new processes is not needed and potentially eliminates qualified candidates.  FA will pursue this.

Vice President’s Report:

  1. Fred took a moment to ask Rep Council members to remind all faculty – if something doesn’t seem right or is potentially a violation of the contract, then it probably is a violation of the contract. Do not hesitate to contact Fred and assess whether he is needed as a Union Rep if you are called to a meeting.
  2. Negotiations Resource Committee has given FA negotiating team a mandate to seek no less than a 4% raise. The next meeting of negotiations has been cancelled until a future date. The NRC will work on developing a solid rationale for our position with the negotiating team.
  3. The grievance referenced in the last meeting has yet to be resolved.

Secretary’s Report

  • Joe discussed recruitment of new members. As a new strategy to empower Rep Council members, Joe distributed a packet to each Council member including a NYSUT application and a payroll deduction card as well as instructions on completing each one. This puts recruitment efforts in all of our hands.


  • Suzanne reviewed the FA Vision Statement and sought a consensus vote from Rep Council endorsing this document. It was unanimously endorsed.
  • Suzanne discussed the FA graphic/logo competition and asked for a small amount of money ($50) to serve as a prize for the winning entry. This too was unanimously agreed to by Rep Council.
  • Rep Council office hours are ready to be posted on doors and the website.
  • Suzanne and Dave discussed the upcoming screening of “Education, Inc” on November 17th and requested $200 for food related to the screening if NYSUT does not provide the funds. Rep Council unanimously approved this expenditure as needed.
  • Rep Council approved the expenditure of up to $300 for a FA Holiday Party open to all members at a location to be determined on December 18th.

The next Rep Council meeting is November 24th, 11:00 in SC-105.

Motion to adjourn made at 4:15 PM by Brian Loy, Esq., seconded by Jason Smith. Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,
Joseph S. Spence
FA Secretary