Council Minutes – Nov 24, 2015

Members Present:  Dave Michalak, Fred Loveland, Dan Brennan, Jason Detrani, Judi Dzuba, Bill Hollister, Brian Loy, John Pierog, Suzanne Shepard, Tim Skinner, Jason Smith, Howard Streby, Anne Uncapher (Proxy for Meghan McGuiness), David Zeggert, and Joe Spence

Meeting called to order at 11:05 PM

President’s Report:

  1. Minutes passed unanimously after amendment to correct attendance of Dan Brennan. (Motion: Pierog. Second: Streby)
  2. Debbie Spanfelner has retired from the college. FA is investigating procedures relevant to Civil Service Law Article 72 to ensure all members will receive representation in cases of invocation of Article 72 in which there is no clear and imminent danger. FA wants to ensure representation and due process to all members in any circumstances.
  3. Questions regarding opt-out for health insurance should be directed to Dave Michalak.
  4. FA had a Chairpersons Group meeting to discuss Credit vs. Contact mode and loading. At this meeting, it was recommended that FA look into the rationale for establishing credit/contact dual load courses as a single mode.

Vice President’s Report:

  1. Fred took a moment to remind Rep Council members and all faculty- if something doesn’t seem right or is possibly a violation of the contract, then it probably is a violation of the contract. Do not hesitate to contact Fred and attend any meetings with him as your Union Rep.
  2. Negotiations Resource Committee has given FA negotiating team a mandate to seek no less than a 4% raise. The next meeting of negotiations has been cancelled until a future date. NRC will work on developing a solid rationale for their (our) position.
  3. New issues relative to our surveillance language continue to emerge. FA/NYSUT and the County have differing opinions. FA position is that any campus event that is limited to students and faculty is NOT a public event and therefore consent must be given for any sort of recording or videography to occur. Dave and Fred will discuss further with Dr. Drumm.
  4. FA leadership believes that the opt-out option for online course evaluation is problematic. Contractually, not all courses have an obligation to be evaluated each semester, and such evaluation should be on an opt-in, not opt-out basis.
  5. An issue has emerged where FA has discovered that non-adjuncts are teaching and giving grades in the place of faculty who are instructors of record for said course. Teaching and grading can not be subcontracted to non-employees or non-faculty individuals.
  6. Some members who had passed the mandatory time frame for 3% contribution to their own retirement accounts were still being docked 3% of their pay for that purpose. All money wrongfully taken has been refunded, and FA is seeking a satisfactory compensation to make up for the loss of use of said funds.
  7. FA is still investigating the new on-line hiring system and potential disqualification of applicants for positions. Search committees are advised to double check the “Disqualified” list that the system generates for errors based upon the questions submitted by the search committee.
  8. FA has addressed a situation in which a former Dean made 35 hour a week workers work 37.5 hour weeks. Overtime compensation is owed and will be sought.

Secretary’s Report:

  1. FA has signed nineteen new members since the start of the semester. More applications and payroll deduction cards are available. If members are not receiving e-mails, contact Joe.


  • Suzanne reported that the screening of “Education, Inc.” was a success. Large and engaged attendance.
  • Suzanne discussed the FA graphic/logo competition and distributed graphics of the finalists for consideration and a future vote.
  • Rep Council office hours are ready to be posted on doors and the website.
  • Thanks to Bill Hollister for helping get all information out via the FA website.

The next Rep Council meeting is December 15th, 11:00 in SC-105

Motion to adjourn made at 11:58 AM by Bill Hollister, seconded by Judi Dzuba. Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,
Joseph S. Spence
FA Secretary