Council Minutes – Apr 19, 2016

Location: Science Building, Room 105
Time: 11AM

Members Present:  Jason Detrani, Judi Dzuba, Bill Hollister, Brian Loy, Joan Lubar, Dave Michalak, Jim Muccio, Suzanne Shepard, Tim Skinner, Jason Smith, Anne Uncapher (Proxy for Meghan McGuiness), Leon Wlazlo, Rob Woods, and David Zeggert.

Meeting called to order at 11:05AM.

Digital copy of proposed March minutes passed unanimously.
(Motion: B. Loy. Second: L. Wlazlo)

Committee Reports:

  1. Organizing Committee (Suzanne Shepard):
    1. Faculty Guide for Professional Development:
      • Suzanne distributed a sample copy of the Faculty Guide.
      • Dave Zeggert and Bill Hollister will generate a digital format of the guide to be posted on the FA website.
      • Dave Michalak requested that copies be printed for each Council Representative and each department Chair on campus – a total of 60-70 copies.
    2. Signing Party:
      • Event was a success, but more Pledge Cards need to be collected.
      • Dave Michalak asked Council Representatives to help collect signatures on the Action Committee’s Petition for an equitable contract in conjunction with collecting members’ Pledge Cards and the dissemination of SBFA nameplates. Reps should feel free to recruit help if needed.
      • Joan Lubar explained that adjuncts may feel conflicted when it comes to signing as their position may be compromised.
      • Jason Detrani suggested that we might try to change the culture on campus that currently equates the concept of part-time with temporary employee.
    3. “Wisconsin Rising” Film Screening:
      • Film will be on Tuesday April 26th at 5:00 in T 101.
      • Dave M. will send out a trailer regarding film to the membership.
    4. Small Group Meetings:
      • Suzanne stressed the value of getting members together in a group setting to foster involvement among our members – that the affinity diagram exercise has proven valuable to that end.
      • Several Council Reps expressed that they were in communication with their constituents in person and via email, so the lines of communication among members were improving. However, it was difficult to assemble their people as a group.
      • Suzanne suggested that Reps possibly use a Doodle Poll to gather meeting times more amenable to all/most of the constituents.
    5. Suzanne also distributed a written synopsis from Council Representatives’ meeting with Mike Lynch.
  2. Scholarship Committee (Anne Uncapher – Proxy for M. McGuinness)
    1. FA Scholarships
      • Two recipients have been selected.
      • Each will receive a $750.00 scholarship.
      • Recipients are Samantha Lee and Heather Coggin.

Officer Reports:

  1. President’s Report (Dave Michalak):
    1. Petition:
      Dave M. thanked the Council Representatives for taking on the task of acquiring signatures for our Petition. He explained that the task was time-sensitive – we plan on delivering the petition in May.
    2. Back Pay:
      A sum of $24,000.00 was acquired in back pay for two members of the FA who worked in excess of their contractual day working hours over a period of several years.
    3. FA Titles and Working Hours:
      The Administration suggested that the number of working hours for all FA titles be stipulated in the upcoming contract. General sentiment among the Representatives in attendance was that this was not necessary and not in the best interest of the FA members as a whole.
    4. Studying Abroad:
      New developments regarding International Study Abroad programs will also be discussed in our next meeting.
    5. Adjunct Outreach & Communication Committee:
      Dave M. suggested that the members consider the formation of a new Adjunct Outreach & Communication Subcommittee. This discussion was tabled for the next meeting.
  2. Treasurer’s Report (Rob Woods):
    1. Increase in Dental Premiums:
      There was a $3-4 increase in the last six-month period for our members’ Dental Premiums. Members will receive an email explaining the increase. Members will be given the option of either paying the difference for this recent increase or they may lump this increase in with their next dental payment.
    2. FA Account Audit:
      Rob announced that the routine annual audit of the FA money market, Dental, and petty cash accounts was due. Leon Wlazlo volunteered his services.


  1. Remaining Meetings:
    Remaining meetings for this Spring semester are set for April 26th, May 3rd and May 10th. All will be held in the Old Science Building, Room 105.

Motion to adjourn made at 11:59AM by Dave Zeggert, seconded by Jason Detrani. Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,
Bill Hollister – sitting in for
Joseph S. Spence – FA Secretary