SBFA Spring Meeting Invitation

The Spring 2018 Faculty Association meeting will be held on Thursday, January 25th, at 11:00 in T-101.

As we start the spring semester, there are several challenges that we will prepare for and all will require us to stand together.  The Supreme Court decision on the Janus case is expected in July so we will be channeling our efforts to re-certify our membership and ultimately the union.  The Organizing Committee and Rep Council will coordinate our effort during the semester, so that by early May we have reached our membership goal. This is our top priority if we expect to maintain our contract and benefits through the Faculty Association as it currently exists.  I have complete confidence, that we will prevail and retain our academic freedoms as professionals in education.

Our second challenge will focus on negotiations and everything that it requires.  Stay informed, support the negotiating team, and get involved!  The Action Committee will be looking for volunteers, so please consider helping out.  We can build on our success from the last round of negotiations if everyone does their part.  Simple actions such as signing a petition, wearing a button, or attending a meeting are all unifying efforts that make the difference.  Our Labor Relations Specialist, Mike Lynch will be our chief negotiator and the rest of the team will be Kennie Leet, Howard Streby, Suzanne Hickok, Fred Loveland, Tera Doty-Blance and myself.

Lastly, updates from the Fall semester will be shared along with more detailed information regarding negotiations at the meeting, so attend if possible.  The Faculty Association is at the crossroads of self-determination.  The groundwork is in place, but it will take everyone working together to keep us solvent.  It is my sincere thanks to all of you for your dedication to our profession and making us the best at what we do!

In solidarity,