Follow up – Meeting with Administration (re: COVID-19)

Hi everyone,

The Presidents and Vice Presidents of all three Unions met with Dr. Drumm this afternoon to discuss how the rest of this week will go.

The Administration’s goal is to get as many people as possible off campus by Friday, if not before, through moving classes online or working remotely. Our goal is to keep you safe.

If you have not already done so, make arrangements to work from home, if possible. Let your direct supervisor know what your plans are so he or she can assist you in this process. Communicate your plans to your students if you are classroom faculty so they know how and where to reach you.

IF YOU NEED A LAPTOP, GO TO B023 ASAP TO SIGN ONE OUT! They only have a limited number left and it is first come, first served.

Some members will be deemed “critical” and asked to remain on campus. If you fall into this category, work with your supervisor to take steps to assure your safety. If you feel it is not safe for you to be here, let us know so we can advocate for you.

Part-time non-classroom faculty: as long as you are working, you will get paid, even if that work is done remotely. We asked that hourly employees be held harmless during this time of crisis. Dr. Drumm still has the MOU we wrote, but he has not signed it. We asked that he direct his people to find other work for those who work on an hourly basis. Dr. Drumm assures us that every effort will be made to reassign folks whose work will not be possible under these circumstances. Unfortunately, as it stands right now, if the work dries up, you will not get paid. So plan accordingly, but we will continue to push for the MOU.

Tera and I will be checking our emails; let us know if you have any problems, questions, or concerns.

Take care, and be safe!

Suzanne and Tera