FA – COVID Emergency Response Team – CERT

August 26th, 2020 Meeting
1pm – 2pm
Google Meeting


  1. Review minutes from August 19th CERT Meeting
  2. Proposal: In solidarity, do not attend the President’s meeting on Thursday, 8/27
  3. How can we respond to the President’s letter? Do we want to approach the state and county? Although is that really our job to solve the Administration’s problems?
  4. Possible grievance: Inequitable treatment full time v adjunct faculty concerning payment of faculty developed online courses. Also, can we define what an online course is? Synchronous courses are online just as asynchronous, online is online!
  5. How can we change the narrative, Administration is responsible for positions not being renewed not the SBFA.
  6. Constant Refrain: “we are 100 over the number of sections budgeted for”, this is a false standard. How or what can we do with this false narrative that Administration is using?
  7. Faculty members are not being rehired (Michelle Beatty, Larry King, part time advisors) Dean Kinney told me that he along with other administrators are worried about retention but not rehiring these specific people flies in the face of that concern
  8. FOIL request for CARES Act funds – did they go to the fund balance?
  9. Can we develop a Blog or reinvigorate our faculty newsletter or the FA Breeze and include some of our content in these forms of communication? (asked Bill Altman to help)
  10. Next letter? Or next step? Lobby the BOT?
  11. Suzanne/Tim: Next meeting with Penny?
  12. How did Chairs respond to quotas of 22? Any results? HPSS response was mixed
  13. Other Agenda items?
  14. Would like to schedule a regular meeting time if possible