Solidarity Rally

Hi everyone,

Please join members of our union at a Solidarity Rally at the Flagpole in front of Wales on Thursday February 10, from 11-11:30 am.  The rally will be short, but it is important to be a visible presence of our solidarity as we support our Negotiations Team.

Wear your SBFA gear if you have it.  There will be four FA faculty speakers addressing areas of concern.  We ask only that you join with us and support the speakers.

Come with your reps as we fight for our students.  Below are the key points that we are working on:

  • keeping the “no section cuts until 5 days before the semester begins rule” so that students arriving late can find seats in the sections they need
  • getting rid of or controlling “section management” so that students can get the courses they need to graduate
  • stopping the continuous raising of “course caps” so that students can get the attention they deserve in our classes.

Shortly, I will send you a calendar event inviting you to join us at the rally. Please RSVP so we have a count of how many will be attending.
We all deserve a fair shake.

Paul Cartie

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Mathematics Department

SUNY Broome Community College