Did you know?

Did You Know that President Drumm was granted a 2% raise in his salary at the 3/17/22 Board of Trustees Meeting, and it is retroactive back to February 1, 2021?

From the BOT resolution, dated March 17, 2022:

The Board met and evaluated the performance of the President and has reviewed the compensation of the President. The Board wishes to acknowledge the President’s satisfactory performance over the past year given the extraordinary circumstances COVID 19 has created. The Board of Trustees approves that all compensation increase 2% to $239,497 effective February1, 2021. The President’s contract shall remain in effect to June 30, 2025.

This means Dr. Drumm will be getting a retroactive payment of nearly $5,000, and a raise of $4697 per year on top of an already healthy salary of $234,800.

The BOT has just handed down a raise for the most highly compensated person on campus, while the faculty are left out in the cold. The extraordinary efforts of the faculty deserve to be recognized. 

SUNY Broome Faculty Deserve a Fair Shake.

SBFA Action Committee