Council Minutes – May 14, 2015

Members Present: Dave Michalak, Tim Skinner, Suzanne Shepard, Jim Muccio, Meghan McGuinness, Howard Streby, Dan Brennan, Dave Zeggert, Brian Loy, Jason Smith, Joan Lubar, Wilbert Corprew and Bill Hollister.

Meeting called to order at 11:05 AM.

Minutes: April minutes passed. Motion by Howard Streby, Seconded by Meghan McGuinness. Unanimous.

Welcome extended to new Rep Council members – Brian Loy (BPS), Jason Smith (STEM), Wil Corprew (PT Adjunct), and Judi Dzuba (PT Adjunct).

Treasurer’s Report (Presented by Dave Michalak for Rob Woods)

  1. Academic Year 2014-2015 Financial Report – The council examined the report. The FA will continue to conduct fundraisers. Thanks to Nate Walz for his past and present coordination of fundraising activities. Council members are asked to contact Dave Michalak or Rob Woods via email with any questions they may have regarding details within the report.

Representative Assembly Report (Tim Skinner)

  1. Tim Skinner and Jason Detrani attended NYSUT’s 43rd annual Representative Assembly on May 1-2, 2015 in Buffalo. Four amendments were passed. Two out of four amendments passed by a slim margin.
    1. Tim and Jason took part in a NYSUT College/University Council where two controversial topics were discussed:
      • A CUNY college President’s financial reimbursement which practically doubled his salary to 1.5 million.
      • The possibility that a policy granting faculty/staff forgiveness for student loans.

Negotiations Re: Promotion Process (Suzanne Shepard)

  1. A short Powerpoint presentation was developed to educate the administration’s negotiation team on the faculty promotion process. The presentation portrays a process that is peer-driven, evidence-based, and self-reflective. The administration wants to incorporate a step into the upcoming contract whereby the EVP/CAO would submit a written recommendation to the CPE as part of the promotion process.
  2. A discussion ensued among council representatives regarding the role of the CPE and the time constraints intrinsic to the promotion process. It was mentioned that the administrative leadership, whether it be the EVP/CAO or the President, already play a role in both the appointment and promotion processes. Further involvement would draw out the unnecessarily draw out the process.

Diversity Task Force Discussion

  1. Dave Michalak opened the floor to input regarding the SUNY-proposed Diversity Task Force. The recommendations within were received by Dave late last week and require his input by the end of this week (Friday 5/15). Discussion followed:
    1. Brian Loy brought attention to the fact that the SUNY proposal stipulates that a new Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) would “have the power to terminate searches” for the hiring of faculty, senior college leadership and staff (Recommendation 1, Bullet 4).
    2. As a member of the Diversity Committee on campus, Wil Corprew mentioned that there is some indication SUNY will make these recommendations mandatory.
    3. Dave Michalak posed an inquiry as to the definition of “cultural competence training” which would be provided to senior leadership, faculty and staff (Recommendation 3). Brian Loy inquired as to whether or not this training will be mandatory. Wil Corprew asked what would be the repercussions if one were not to participate in such training.
    4. Joan Lubar wondered as to what the role adjuncts would be expected to play in these activities.Dave Michalak brought attention to Recommendation 4 wherein mentors within a new cross-campus mentoring network “shall be required to undergo training on how to mentor.”
    5. Dave Michalak had some concern as to whether surveys would be effective in producing a new Campus Climate Report Card (Recommendation 7).
    6. Dave Michalak was also curious as to what the ramifications of Recommendation 9A might be, considering that many of the student transitions/supports mentioned therein wound require considerable counseling services.
  2. Council members present unanimously expressed concern regarding several components of the new Diversity Task Force document, particularly if the recommendations within were to become mandatory. The top-down expectations inherent within the SUNY proposal are troubling. Dave Michalak indicated that he would respond to the call for feedback on the document and make his response available as part of this meeting’s minutes.


  1. Chancellor’s Awards – Congratulations to Rey Wojdat for his nomination to receive a Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Faculty Service. Congratulations to Deborah Hibbard for her nomination to receive a Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service.
  2. College Assembly Meetings – Dave Michalak extended a request for council volunteers that might offer to share in attending College Assembly meetings in the coming Fall semester. Dave Zeggert offered his assistance in this regard on select Monday evenings.
  3. Fall 2015 Rep Council Meeting – An online sign-up will be sent out to select Rep Council meeting times for Fall 2015. Rep council members are asked to make sure they indicate their availability when the online link is received.
  4. Adjunct Compensation – The FA will attempt to negotiate compensation for adjuncts that are asked to produce materials for the purpose of institutional assessment.
  5. Administration Salary Proposals – The administration’s negotiation team shared their faculty/staff salary proposal at the most recent negotiations meeting, the details of which will be shared shortly. These will be posted to the FA website once they are released

Motion to adjourn made at 12:00 PM by Bill Hollister, seconded by Howard Streby. Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,
William R. Hollister
For FA Secretary, Joseph S. Spence