Organizing Committee Minutes – Sep 21, 2015

Location: TH 105
Time: 3-3:50 p.m.

Present: Detrani, Doty-Blance, Grubb, Kettering, Loveland, Michalak, Prindell, Shepard, Skinner

  1. Context: We discussed the need for community building in the Faculty Association in the face of all the challenges to unions currently underway
  2. Brainstorming:
    1. Reviewed suggestions from the FA Executive Board (see last page)
    2. Solicit more members through Rep Council to make our committee more inclusive
    3. Outreach to adjuncts and new hires
    4. Training for members in protocol, contract
    5. Research/study team
    6. Invite members with experience in “Right-to-Work” States to discuss their experiences.
    7. Vision Statement: solicit input from all members; use Chicago Teachers for “inspiration,” pull it together at October 5 meeting.
    8. Logo Contest: have members participate in process of choosing a logo
    9. Newsletter:
      1. Raise awareness
      2. Physical document, but SHORT
      3. Distributed by Representatives
      4. Send readers to website for more information
        1. Content:
          • Helpful Tips for dealing with common issues
          • “An Injury to One” issues and how they are being dealt with
          • “Good News”
  3. Action Plan:
    1. Suzanne will solicit ideas for the Vision Statement
    2. Tim will solicit materials for Newsletter
    3. Mike will begin design of Logo contest
  4. Next time: Think of FUN things to do!

Next meeting is Monday, October 5, from 3-3:50 in TH 105.

Respectfully submitted,
Suzanne V. Shepard, Ph.D.
Professor of English
Chair, SUNY Broome Faculty Association Organizing Committee