Organizing Committee Minutes – Feb 8, 2016

Present: Doty-Blance, Grubb, Loveland , Michalak, Prindle , Shepard, Skinner, Wlazlo
Guest: Streby
Absent: Detrani, Kettering, Wood

  1. Updates:
    1. Party
      1. Friday, April 1st…ish
        • Fred working on license
      2. Plan to distribute information, FA swag, etc to FA members
    2. Newsletter
      1. Possible topics
        1. Healing the Union
        2. Filling Information Gaps
        3. Who Pays for Community Colleges
        4. Proper Search Committee Procedures
        5. Proper Promotion Practices
        6. Contract Corner
          • “Did you know…?”
          • “What does it mean…?”
    3. Film Screening – Wisconsin Rising
      1. With Vestal Teachers Associations
      2. Could we sponsor filmmaker coming to campus?
  2. New Business:
    1. Mike Lynch
      1. Discussed how the Organizing Committee and the Negotiations Resource Committee could reach more members of the FA
      2. Things need to take place in non-work places and hours.
      3. Said negotiations are ongoing and what are some of the possible next steps
      4. Asked for clarification over which committee, OC or NRC, has jurisdiction over the contract campaign
        • Action Committee will be formed, asked for volunteers. Reps will take request to their constituents.
      5. Will provide training for awareness and community building at following meeting
      6. Extended discussion on the range of options, and possible strategies, for members to show unity and awareness of the contract issues.

Next meeting is Monday, February 29th, from 11-11:50 in TH 107.

Respectfully submitted,
Tera Doty-Blance
Member, SUNY Broome Faculty Association Organizing Committee