Council Minutes – Dec 15, 2015

Location: Science Building-105
Time: 11AM-12PM

Members Present:  Dave Michalak, Fred Loveland, Dan Brennan, Ed Evans (Proxy for Jason Detrani), Judi Dzuba, Bill Hollister, Brian Loy, John Pierog, Suzanne Shepard, Tim Skinner, Jason Smith, Howard Streby, Anne Uncapher (Proxy for Meghan McGuiness), Leon Wlazlo, David Zeggert, Ted Nappi and Joe Spence

Absent: Joan Lubar, Rob Woods

Meeting called to order at 11:05 PM

Minutes passed unanimously – Feb 23, 2016 (Motion: Zeggert. Second: Skinner)

Committee Reports:

  • Organizing Committee:
    1. Suzanne announced the results of the FA logo vote. Congratulations to Nick Eggleston, whose design was voted in. Over 70 members participated by voting! Thanks to all.
    2. In lieu of a Holiday party, Organizing Committee is working on a Welcome Back party in January or February. Suzanne is also looking at setting up a Google Calendar account to facilitate scheduling events.
    3. 24 new members have joined the Faculty Association this semester.
    4. NYSUT and FA are carefully watching the Supreme Court for their decision regarding the Wisconsin attempt to limit collective bargaining.
  • Negotiations Resource Committee:
    1. The NRC has instructed the Negotiations Team to hold the line at a minimum 4% raise. Bill suggested a survey of membership to determine what amount percentage is ideal.
    2. Thanks to the work of the NRC and our NYSUT rep, the topic of insurance givebacks or increases seems to be off the table. NRC’s position is that it is to remain off the table.
    3. Dave Michalak explained the county’s position regarding insurance and how FA needs to remain educated and vocal.
    4. Howard asked Secretary Spence to send reminders via e-mail for the upcoming meeting. Howard expressed thanks to all who participated in the Negotiations Resource Committee.
    5. Bill Hollister expressed his thanks to Howard for his leadership.

Officer Reports:

  • Presidents Report:
      1. Article 72 (Surveillance) MOU is not yet completed. FA is seeking guarantees to provide members with representation and due process in all Article 72 proceedings in which there is no clear and imminent safety issue.
      2. FA had a Chairs Group meeting to discuss Credit vs. Contact mode and loading. At this meeting, it was recommended that FA seek to change credit/contact dual load courses to one or the other to avoid confusion.
      3. Please remember to do the Doodle poll for meeting times.
  • Vice President’s Report:
    1. Fred informed Rep Council that the County has dropped Aetna coverage and switched to Humana. This effects retirees- Humana is telling people that they must switch to physicians that Humana uses. This is a violation of our contract and FA has always protected retirees, and always will. Fred is working for a resolution.
    2. Fred is drafting an MOU to address the procedure for using online course evaluations. The current model of opt-out for evaluations is contrary to the contract and to faculty rights. Vice President Loveland is drafting opt-in provisions that will protect faculty. FA leadership believes that the opt-out option for online course evaluation is problematic. Contractually, not all courses have an obligation to be evaluated each semester, and such evaluation should be on an opt-in, not opt-out basis.
    3. New issues relative to certain departments use or misuse of adjuncts and of non-faculty evaluators is being addressed in a meeting with the appropriate Dean.
    4. An issue has emerged where FA has discovered that the occurrence of a leap year has a negative impact on FA members’ pay, sometimes by $10-$11 a paycheck. Executive Council will present administration with their calculations and seek a remedy.
    5. Some members who had passed the mandatory time frame for 3% contribution to their own retirement accounts were still being docked 3% of their pay for that purpose. All money wrongfully taken has been refunded. FA also negotiated a small fee (5% of what was deducted) to compensate members for loss of use of the funds.
    6. FA is still investigating the new hiring system and mislabeling of applicants for positions. Search committees are advised to double check the “Disqualified” list that the HR system generates for errors.
  • Secretary’s Report:
    1. A Doodle Poll has been sent to Rep Council members for scheduling Spring semester meetings. Please participate.

The next Rep Council meeting TBA per discussion above and pending results of Doodle poll.

Motion to adjourn made at 11:56 PM by Howard Streby, seconded by Dr. William Hollister. Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,
Joseph S. Spence
FA Secretary