Council Minutes – Sept 27, 2016

Location: NSC-207G
Time: 11AM

Members Present:  Dave Michalak, Fred Loveland, Rob Woods, Judi Dzuba, Tom Grace, Amanda Hollister, Brian Loy, Joan Lubar, Meghan McGuinness, Jim Muccio, John Pierog, Suzanne Shepard, Jason Smith, Howard Streby, Suzanne Hickok, Rob Woods, Dave Zeggert, and Joe Spence.
Guest: Mike Lynch

Meeting called to order at 11:10 AM

April Minutes distributed and minutes passed unanimously (Motion: H. Streby, Second: J. Muccio)

Mike Lynch, NYSUT Rep, first congratulated FA on the ratification of contract, then led a long exercise in visioning for the SBFA. Part of this discussion involved new employee orientation and adjunct faculty issues.

Committee Reports:

  • Organizing Committee: Suzanne is preparing activities for the year.

Officer Reports:

  1. President’s Report:
    1. Dave clarified that meetings will be twice monthly, reps to attend both whenever possible and send a proxy to other meetings. Meetings will be Tuesdays at 1 and Thursdays at 11.
  2. Vice President’s Report:
    1. Fred thanked Howard Streby for attending the Board of Trustee Meetings.
    2. College is adding Assistant Dean and Associate Dean (administrative) positions.
    3. Number of adjunct faculty is up from 261 to 276 over the summer.
    4. FA got reimbursement for a member who was wrongfully docked sick time for missing an overload course.
    5. FA helped a member who was charged $300 for tuition for a course they took on campus and should not have paid for.
    6. A member was denied pay for work they performed over the summer while on administrative leave. Since the money was earned for work performed, compensation was received thanks to FA work.
  3. Treasurer’s Report:
    1. There is $12,000 in the Dental fund to cover expenses.
    2. FA expenses are:
      • $12, 516 for officer stipends
      • $2,259 for other expenses
      • Total: $14, 775 per year. FA had a total of $15,000. This prevents some of the activities we seek to introduce, such as more outreach like the Wisconsin Rising event, faculty get-togethers, or even buttons etc.
    3. Discussion ensued regarding increase of local dues, which have remained static for many years.  Dave Zeggert made a motion to increase local dues by Five Dollars ($5) per year. Suzanne Hickok made an amendment to raise dues for Adjuncts teaching by a smaller amount.
      • Following discussion it was proposed to raise adjuncts with less than 8 hours by $2.50 a year, other adjuncts by $5.00 a year, and for Full Time faculty by $10/year.
      • The amended motion was seconded by Howard Streby and passed unanimously.


Motion to adjourn made at 2:00 PM by B. Loy seconded by D. Zeggert.  Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,
Joseph S. Spence- FA Secretary