Council Minutes – Nov 01, 2016

Broome Community College
Representative Council Meeting
November 1, 2016

Members Present: Dave Michalak, Fred Loveland, Rob Woods, Joe Spence, Brian Loy, Dave Zeggert, Joan Lubar, Tim Skinner, Jason Detrani, Suzanne Hickok, Amanda Hollister, Jim Muccio, Howard Streby, Meghan McGuinness, Suzanne Shepard, Jason Smith, Judi Dzuba.

Meeting called to order at 1:06 PM

New Business:
1.0 President’s Report:

1.1 Minutes approval for 10/27/16 were deferred until the next meeting.

1.2 Organizing Committee Update: Suzanne Shepard

  • Office hours and Constituent Care Lists have been distributed. Reps are reminded to email their constituents and let them know office hours and availability.
  • Make clear availability to answer questions, concerns, suggestions.
  • Joe will distribute enrollment forms and payroll deduction cards.
  • Depending on departmental culture or your personality, you may want to communicate more often via email or letter.
  • Welcome Packets are ready for review. (Approved)
  • Newsletter to be released soon- reps will distribute.
  • End of semester event being discussed- including potluck dinners hosted on a rotating basis by standing committees.

1.3 Dave spoke with Mike Lynch about Rep Training. Mike discussed with RC the expressed desire of Rep Council for more training for reps and meaningful correspondence. Training will start at 11:00 on November 10th. Joe will secure a room. (Libous Room)

2.0 Vice President’s Report:

2.1 Separate checks have been disbursed by the College to those faculty members
who received fee reimbursement for classes.

2.2 A meeting was held with Francis Battisti to discuss recent activity with regard to Full Time Temporary Professors.

2.3 Contract clarification: Distance Learning Article contains the Right of First Refusal for originators of on-line courses. These faculty have priority with respect to the right to continue

2.4 The college is looking to implement a “Dual Degree” program through International Education where students of foreign universities could receive a SUNY Broome degree while completing only 12 of their credits via SUNY Broome. The host college (in this case, located in Columbia) wants their professors teaching Broome courses for credit without being hired as adjuncts. FA asserts this is entirely unacceptable and will not approve this arrangement.


The next Rep Council meeting is November 17th at 11:00 in NSC 203G.

Motion to adjourn made at 1:57 PM by H. Streby seconded by D. Zeggert. Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

Joseph S. Spence
FA Secretary