Council Minutes – Dec 6, 2016

SUNY Broome Community College
Representative Council Meeting
December 6, 2016

Members Present: Dave Michalak, Fred Loveland, Rob Woods, Joe Spence, Brian Loy, Dave Zeggert, Joan Lubar, Tim Skinner, Jason Detrani, Suzanne Hickok, Amanda Hollister, Jim Muccio, Howard Streby, Meghan McGuinness, Suzanne Shepard, Jason Smith, Judi Dzuba.

Meeting called to order at 1:02 PM

New Business:
1.0 President’s Report:

1.1 Minutes were of 11/17/16 approve. Motion: S. Hickok, 2nd: B. Loy

1.2 There were no committee reports.

1.3 Dave and Fred spoke to the news regarding a reported $1.3 million dollar budget shortfall shared by the administration. Fred and Dave will meet with Francis to discuss where the money went. A discussion also included the different FTE funding of Fast Forward classes.

1.4 HR has persisted in the belief that they, not chairs, establish the criteria for hiring adjunct faculty. They insist on part time employees having one full year of related experience, despite best judgement of Chairs. They (HR) has also been inconsistent with actually honoring pay scales.

1.5 Faculty working on MOOC’s have still not been compensated. The FA is still negotiating with the college.

1.6 December 15th has been targeted by Administration for completion of the new contract for FA review. This version will be checked thoroughly for capricious edits, additions, and deletions by the HR staff. Additionally, Dave was called to sign 2 MOU’s that were never agreed to. HR unilaterally drafted them and submitted to Dr. Drumm. This is contrary to past practice and Dave disposed of the documents.

2.0 Vice President’s Report:

1.7 Nursing Dept has made an offer to a new person to serve as a 10 month faculty member and 12 month department chair.

1.8 Still negotiating standardization of overload, especially with regard to Labs.

3.0 Treasurer’s Report:
3.1 FA Budget information was distributed.

3.2 Any Rep Council members interested in training under Rob to become treasurer are encouraged to contact Rob.


The next Rep Council meeting is December 15th at 11:00 in NSC 203G.

Motion to adjourn made at 1:49 PM by J. Muccio seconded by J. Detrani Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

Joseph S. Spence
FA Secretary