Council Minutes – Dec 15, 2016

SUNY Broome Community College
Representative Council Meeting
December 15, 2016

Members Present: Dave Michalak, Fred Loveland, Rob Woods, Paul Cartie, Jason Detrani, Judi Dzuba, Anne Haner-Uncapher (for Meghan McGuinness), Tom Grace, Suzanne Hickok, Amanda Hollister, Brian Loy, Joan Lubar, Jim Muccio, Suzanne Shepard, Tim Skinner, Jason Smith, Howard Streby, Dave Zeggert, Mike Lynch, guest (NYSUT).

Meeting called to order at 11:02 PM

New Business:
1.0 Minutes and Committee Report:

1.1 Minutes of 12/06/16 were approved. Motion: Detrani, 2nd: Loy. Passed with one abstention.

1.2 NRC Report: Howard stated that they conferenced with M. Lynch via speaker-phone. They will start deep-diving the budget to find out what is going on with the “missing money.” They will also work in teams to compare faculty salary with other colleges.

1.3 Howard also reported that the FSA Council met recently (meets twice year). He and Scott Corley are appointed by the FA as our faculty representatives. Dr. Drumm is asking for a substantial increase in the stipend for Debbie Morello for serving as the Director of Student Activities. She currently gets a stipend of $14,000 on top of her salary. Dr. Drumm is proposing the increase because housing has now been added to the duties. Further, he wants to make it retroactive. He wants it to go up to nearly $30,000. One member of the BOT objected and it was tabled for now.

Discussion followed. FSA is not part of the College Budget. Can a 35% increase be justified? The previous director made $70,000; the duties were absorbed at $14,000. It was decided to ask for more information, including a job description and time involved before we can support. Motion Zeggert; 2nd Derani.

2.0 Vice President’s Report:

2.1 The issue of the chair on sick leave is still unresolved. HR is continuing to insist
on docking for chair duties. Fred has emphasized that he is salaried, not hourly. Will need an MOU to get this straightened out.

2.2 Affordable Care Act: Ten part-time faculty members were given health insurance per a Labor Management agreement between the College and the SBFA. A letter from HR terminating coverage by December 31 was sent to one member. The FA has intervened and coverage has been restored. HR was assigned to develop a procedure to address this, but it never got done.

3.0 Treasurer’s Report:

3.1 Rob presented the new Budget Format for approval. Motion Muccio; 2nd Loy

4.0 Mike Lynch (NYSUT)

4.1 Regarding the retired folks who appear to have had their benefits changed: NYSUT will initiate an investigation, and then we will discuss options. Mike asked us to ask those retirees we know if they have any issues. Ex. YMCA Wellness Program being altered. NYSUT will keep us posted.

4.2 Corporate Care Letter:

  • This is county-sponsored; they are contracted by the county
  • They review claims data and look for triggers such as milestones, trends.
  • If you are not following protocols, they will send you a letter.
  • This does not violate HIPPA
  • It is exactly the type of programs many of our unions do with their administration
  • They will generate a report that we will get.
  • It would have been nice to have been told
  • But it doesn’t violate any laws or the contract.
  • We can each opt out—just contact Corporate Care directly
  • NYSUT will email all the members

5.0 President’s Report:

5.1 Regarding the issue of full-time faculty overload that was brought up at the CAI
meeting: The difference in overload cost to the college between a full time
versus part time faculty is $14.70 per credit hour for a Level 2 full time and
Level 2 adjunct). So there is not a significant difference.

5.2 Regarding the unapproved drafted MOUs from HR mentioned at the last
meeting: For the “Winterim” they removed “chairs” and added “President’s
designee.” Which was never discussed and will not be agreed to. This would be
an erosion of chairperson scheduling ability under the contract.

5.3 Joe and Dave went to the Community College Presidents’ meeting. 7
community colleges were represented. They were happy to meet and will
continue to do so. There was lots of discussion about the inability to affect
change within the SUNY system. We have an extra layer of count approval
needed. There is also concern about consolidation and loss of faculty positions
as a result of proximity.

Dave thanked everyone for their service this semester.

Motion to adjourn made at 11:53 PM by J. Lubar seconded by J. Muccio. Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

Suzanne V. Shepard
Acting FA Secretary