Faculty Contract 2012-2015

All full-time regular faculty begin the appointment process when they are hired, as stipulated in the Faculty Contract.  This process prepares faculty to apply for a continuing appointment.  Whether or not a faculty member chooses to become a member of the Faculty Association, the Promotion and Appointment processes listed in the FA Contract will apply.  For information about Faculty Association membership, please contact the FA Secretary or Treasurer.

The Faculty Contract is  a labor agreement that is negotiated between SUNY Broome Community College and Broome County and the  Faculty Association of SUNY Broome Community College.  The contract includes important information about such issues as:

  • faculty responsibilities,
  • compensation,
  • grievances, and the
  • evaluation, appointment, promotion, and professional development recognition increment processes.

During the time that a contract is in place, there may be additions, deletion, or corrections to the contract that are mutually agreed upon though the joint development of Memoranda of Understanding (MOU).  When reviewing any part of the contract it is important to check whether there is an MOU in place that may be relevant. The MOUs below pertain to the current faculty contract. This list is also found on the employee tab in My College in the Human Resources section of the page.

Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs)

The following MOUs pertain to the 2012-2015 Faculty Contract.